1 vs 4, wildebeest madly attacked with surprise, making 4 cheetahs hate to watch their prey walk away

Discovering a herd of wildebeest looking for food, 4 cheetahs immediately planned to find their prey. Knowing that they were ambushed, the whole herd immediately ran away. However, when being hunted by a leopard, instead of running away like its fellows, an antelope decided to turn its head to “tit-for-tat” with the enemy.

Before the aggression of wildebeest, 4 cheetahs are somewhat shy. They are even chased by prey.

It was this brave and somewhat crazy decision that saved the antelope from dying from hungry predators. Today was a day of hunting that wasn’t easy and lucky for the cheetahs.

Wildebeest are antelopes of the genus Connochaetes and are native to East Africa and South Africa. They belong to the family Bovidae, order Artiodactyla, which includes antelope, buffalo, cow, goat, sheep and other horned ungulates.

They are herbivores, often living in herds on the large African savannah, relatively gentle, shy. In East Africa, they are the animals most hunted by carnivores, especially cheetahs, lions, hyenas… or crocodiles.

Their biology resembles an interesting hybrid of an antelope and buffalo, with a nimble, agile hindquarters, and a heavier front part with massive mane and horns. They are also very strong, although they cannot overcome the muscular buffalo.

The horns are a rare weapon that the wildebeest is bestowed by “mother nature”. Their horns are shaped like “curly braces”, extending outward, then curved upwards. In males, their horns can be 83 cm long, while female horns are 30-40 cm long.

Thanks to these horns, wildebeest can choose to attack to defend themselves, instead of running away like other herbivores. Besides, the overwhelming advantage of wildebeest also makes hunters afraid.