Hippo brothers fought bloody battles for territory and the right to mate

Great video of the dramatic fight of two male hippos.
Two male hippos fight fiercely for the right to mate with a female hippo.

One of the two male hippos is a local hippopotamus, which has long lived in this waterfront area.
The rest are new. The young male hippopotamus showed great interest in the perennial female hippos in the riverside area and wanted to try his luck.

When deciding to try his luck, it seems that the male hippo that comes later also knows that he will have to compete for power with the male hippo that comes first.

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Every blow, every piece is extremely fierce. They even throw feces at each other when trying to stand upright, reaching higher to determine their superiority. In the end, the new baby hippo is defeated, forced to return to the water and sneak away from the female hippo.
Hippos are one of the most ferocious creatures in the world. And one of the most dangerous animals in Africa.

Hippos are especially aggressive when it comes to trespassing their territory and touching their offspring. Therefore, it is very easy for the African aborigines to lose their lives when they accidentally invade the territory of the hippopotamus. They will chase, entice, bite their boat and possibly bite off their heads.


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