The lioness kills a Guanaco, two meters tall and three times heavier than herself, to feed her cubs

The well-invested video captures the scene of a Puma leopard stalking and suddenly attacking a Guanaco camel that is calmly eating grass.

In the video, the leopard Puma can be seen with its speed and flexibility, easily jumping on the back of its prey. Then grasp the talons, even the camel’s neck.

However, the Guanaco camel shows that it is not an easy opponent to play. With the advantage of size and weight, camels struggle fiercely to find a way out. Puma newspaper also proved extremely determined.

In one segment, it seems to have succeeded in grabbing its prey to the ground.

With the full weight of the body, while the mouth is firmly grasped on the front calves to make the enemy lose the ability to escape. Even so, despite the help of three Puma cubs, it was unable to take down its prey, and was resisted at the last minute.

In the wild, predators don’t always win. The Puma leopard finally had to admit defeat in his hunt.

Finally, on his body were many serious wounds that took weeks to heal.