Wild boar went to find lost piglets, entered the wrong territory of a pack of long-term hungry wild dogs

Like many other carnivores on the African savannah, wild dogs often hunt in large numbers.
Part of the reason for this is that they are quite small in size, not “muscular” like tigers, leopards or lions.

African Wild Dog eat warthog alive - YouTube

The wild boar in this video was unfortunately discovered by a pack of ferocious wild dogs while wandering alone. It was quickly captured by a pack of wild dogs.

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Pack African Wild Dogs Eating Warthog Stock Photo 1051053032 | Shutterstock
No matter how hard he tried, the wild boar could not escape. It fell into the tragedy of being brutally bitten.

Severely wounded in the abdomen and tail, the wild boar knew it could not escape its fate. It no longer resisted, but let the bloodthirsty wild dogs eat its flesh.

African Hunting Dogs Eating A Warthog Photograph by Tony Camacho/science Photo Library - Fine Art America
After the wild boar was completely dead, a whole herd of jackals rushed in to party on the corpse of the prey.
Moments later, there was no trace on the ground.

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