The lion king was defeated when he met the right giant elephant who was furiously avenging the child that the lion killed the day before.

Seeing the leading elephant rushing over, the lions quickly used the “escape for the top” to escape.

Photographer Zhayynn James, from India captured the dramatic moment. The majestic lions clambered up the tree for fear of a chief elephant.

The lions were suddenly attacked by the leading elephant…

At first the lions divided each one a branch…

But when the herd of elephants came more and more.. the lions decided to gather together to avoid fear.

In the grasslands of Africa, lions are among the top of the food chain. With their superior strength and herd hunting habits, they are enough to kill many other large animals for food.

However, lions are not always successful when hunting. If faced with large prey such as rhinoceros, buffalo or hippo and especially elephants, failure is always inevitable.