Worst day!!! Pregnant zebra struggling desperately trying to escape from the brutal claws of the lion family.

This is the instinct of lions and they always know how to teach their young how to hunt as accurately as possible. Because, even though it is one of the animals at the top of the food chain in the grasslands of Africa, not the prey can be caught.

From giant elephants, rhinos, hippos, buffalo to zebras, antelopes… all have their own weapons to fight the lions. With just one small mistake, any “lord of the grasslands” could pay a heavy price.

Hunger is driving the forest lords of the grasslands of the Kruger reserve. Their prey appeared, not only one but many prey in front of them. The lions target a large herd of zebras – a rich source of food for them. However, if the target is not clearly defined and has a reasonable strategy, the lions may still suffer from hunger despite having many prey in front of them.

After choosing the right position, the leading lion launched an attack on the zebra herd. The whole herd of zebras panicked and ran away. In the chaos, the target of the lions appeared. A young zebra runs the slowest of the herd.

The lions began to implement tactics, separating the prey from the herd and attacking quickly. In a matter of seconds, the prey was captured by the hunters. They quickly finish off their prey and fill empty stomachs with hot, fresh flesh.