Being repeatedly bitten by hyenas, the antelope still stood up and fought back, but in the end it still became a meal for its bloodthirsty enemy.

A lone gazelle was attacked by a hungry hyena. Perhaps because it was so hungry, the hyena decided to “devour” its prey without waiting to finish it off.

At this time, a leopard was also lurking nearby, waiting for an opportunity to strike. Hyenas are the second largest carnivore after lions on the African savanna, so leopards know that they cannot beat their opponents fairly.

Even though he knew he had no chance to live, the antelope still stood up and fought back in the hope of finding a way to live. Unfortunately, all its efforts did not pay off.

Hyenas are considered one of the greediest predators on land, able to kill large animals such as zebras, wildebeests, and buffalos. In addition, the ability to run fast also allows them to Cranes can chase even birds at close range. However, hyenas rarely hunt on their own, but mainly follow other predators such as lions, leopards… and steal their food.