Not only did she fail to cut down her prey, the lioness also received a kick in the face and fell to the ground, but she could not bear to lose.

While wandering around looking for food, the lone giraffe caught the sight of a group of hungry lions. Detecting danger, the giraffe immediately turned and ran away. However, it was still quickly chased by predators. A female lion even jumped up and bit the neck to try to defeat its prey.

However, this risky action caused the unlucky lion to receive a painful kick in the face and then fall back to the ground. After counterattacking, the giraffe continued to rush forward, leaving the hungry lions behind.

Lions are at the top of the food chain in Africa. They are endowed with many advantages by nature to become a fearsome predator. Besides buffalo and antelope, giraffes are also the favorite prey of lions.

Giraffes are not aggressive animals, they only really use force when protecting their young. Otherwise, when it sees danger coming it will run away to ensure safety.

Although their appearance is somewhat large, they run very fast. Combined with the ability to kick back like a zebra, this is not an easy prey for any hunter. And the young lionesses in the clip above experienced that when they went hunting unsuccessfully.