Dramatic moment leopard hunts wildebeest among 100s and kills instantly!

The photographer had the opportunity to capture a very interesting scene when a leopard launched an extremely effective hunting blow.

The leopard as well as the photographer ambushed and waited for hours for the moment the wildebeest crossed the river.

However, the purpose of the leopard is not only to watch, it is just as hungry as the crocodiles. Its prey this time is a herd of seasoned wildebeest.

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As soon as it discovered the careless wildebeest, the leopard rushed out of its hiding place, aimed at its prey and attacked fiercely.

Its attack startled the wildebeest herd and fled. However, when the leopard predicted the situation, its gaze remained fixed on its intended prey.

Biting the zebra’s neck, the hungry lion still suffered a humiliating defeat

At last, when the time was right, it lunged forward and took a fatal bite in the neck of the poor wildebeest.

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Although the wildebeest struggled, the jaguar did not give up. Sharp teeth dug deep into the antelope meat, biting the prey’s trachea as quickly as possible.

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The wildebeest, whose throat was bitten off, gradually accepted its fate, dying under the death claws of the jaguar.