The stupid lion blatantly challenged the leader of the buffalo to a fight for the head of the forest and had to receive a bitter ending

This incredible scene was recorded by tourists in the lower Sabie River, Kruger National Park in South Africa.

In the clip, 3 hungry lions are lying on the sand and watching the buffalo herd. When the prey is in sight, they immediately rush out to chase. The sudden attack caused the buffalo herd to run away in panic.

However, due to delay, one calf in the herd was caught by two lions. Seeing that, the adult buffaloes in the herd immediately rushed forward, using their horns to butt at the lion’s body. In order to avoid the fatal injuries caused by the sharp horns of the wild buffalo, the predator immediately abandoned his possessions and ran for people.

Basically, wild buffalo is not a good prey for lions. However, only one adult buffalo is enough for the whole herd, so sometimes lions still join forces to destroy.

According to experts, buffaloes often run away when they see lions. However, some large and strong male buffaloes are also ready to chase the lions to ensure the safety of the herd.