A life-and-death battle with a buffalo weighing nearly 1 ton caused the male lion to be seriously injured

Thanks to its large size, sharp teeth and claws. Lions are easily one of the most feared predators across the African grasslands.

This is also why they are nicknamed “Lord of the Meadow”.

From small animals such as hares or mongoose to “giant” species such as elephants and buffalos… can become prey of lions.

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However, to be able to defeat large prey, lions need the help of their fellows and reasonable hunting tactics. Otherwise, they are very susceptible to serious injury, even death.

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Photos show how helpless lion was trampled to death by buffalo stampede | Daily Mail Online

Because, both elephants and buffalos possess terrifying weapons, capable of killing any predator.

The lion kills the pregnant giraffe and takes the cubs out to eat meat in a brutal way!!!

Just because he was too confident, the male lion decided to hunt a wild buffalo weighing nearly 1 ton and this cost him his life.
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