“Horrible” at the scene of a giant python devouring an old hyena weighing nearly 100kg

In less than half an hour, the python easily killed the hyena and slowly swallowed its prey.

Watch: It turns out African rock pythons can stomach a hyena | Predator vs Prey | Earth Touch News

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A python in the grass is swallowing a hyena in its stomach.With the naked eye, the hyena could be seen lying motionless.
Surely the python used its squeezing technique to make such a hyena.

Terrierman's Daily Dose: Rock Python Kills and Eats Hyena Whole

The hyena in the video is so big that the python takes a long time to swallow it all.Pythons have teeth but its effect is not to separate food.

When it eats its prey, it will swallow its prey into its abdomen and then its digestive organs will begin to contract to digest the prey.

Python killing a female hyena - Photo de Mara Engai Wilderness Lodge, Réserve nationale du Masai Mara - Tripadvisor


The lion is old and weak, but overbearing, fights with the buffalo and has to beg for his life

The hyena suddenly had a spectacular escape.

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