The innocent baby rabbit hiding in the cave is still torn to pieces by the wild dogs digging the burrow

The sight of four wild dogs fighting over a small rabbit was brutal. The rabbit that was torn in half was still alive.A stray dog in the pack noticed an animal hiding on the ground.

Natures Cruel Reality: Wild Dogs Hunt & Tear A Hare In Half! | Video
He quickly ran over to scout and dig up the ground to see if he could find anything.
The whole pack of wild dogs despised its actions, thinking that it was delusional so no one came to help.

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After a while, the wild dog caught a rabbit, and the whole pack rushed to tear it.
Every wild dog is greedy to take this trophy.

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Because the pulling force of the dogs was too strong, the rabbit’s body was torn in half. This scene was horrifying.

And finally, each person got a part of the rabbit carcass and ran to their own corner to eat.

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